Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Ophthalmology Associates, we perform all types of eye examinations. In addition to evaluating the health of the eye, which of course is our primary consideration, we also perform state-of-the-art refraction techniques, to make sure that we provide you with the most accurate prescription, whether it be for spectacles or contact lenses. Glaucoma testing, dilated examination, cataract examination, macular degeneration evaluation, and in fact all aspects of the health of your eye are examined as part of your comprehensive examination.

Many patients are confused by the different terms used to referr to eye care professionals. At Ophthalmology Associates, Doctors Lipka, and Hathaway are all ophthalmologists. This means that we are physicians, having attended medical school, performed medical and surgical internships, and served in ophthalmologic residencies. We are trained in all aspects of medical and surgical care of the eye, as well as glasses and contact lenses, of course. We are also Board Certified. This means that the American Board of Ophthalmology has determined that we all have met an advanced standard of learning and performance in the field.

"Optometrists" are nonphysician eye care providers. They can perform refractions to determine glasses or contact lens prescriptions, and are permitted in New Jersey to prescribe some (not all) medications. They may refer to themselves as "Dr." if they have obtained a degree of Doctor of Optometry, but they are not medical doctors. The confusing term "Optometric Physician" has recently been propagated. This is no different from an Optometrist. Only Ophthalmologists are physicians.

"Opticians" are involved with the manufacture and dispensing of eyeglasses. At Ophthalmology Associates, we maintain an optical dispensary for our patients' benefit, where you can find a wide selection of spectacles. Our optical dispensary is staffed by our licensed Optician who is fully qualified to assist you in selecting the proper eye wear. We should note that our Ophthalmologists consult directly with our Optician, so that your individual needs, for example whether an anti-glare coating is required, whether particular attention need be paid to some aspect of the eyeglasses, etc., are provided for. We consider this one of the most useful and unique services we provide to our patients, because it allows direct communication about what you personally need.