Corneal Disease

The cornea is the clear window that covers the colored part of the eye. It is absolutely essential that the clarity of the cornea be maintained in order to preserve good vision.

The cornea can suffer from infection, particularly with contact lens overwear. It can become swollen, scratched, lacerated, etc. There are inherited conditions of the cornea, and the cornea can be involved in a variety of systemic conditions. There are certain medications that can affect the cornea. All in all, the cornea is not just a window through which light passes, it is a window to the health of the eye, and the body as a whole.

At Ophthalmology Associates, we perform a variety of surgical procedures wherein the cornea is crucial. For example, laser vision correction, or LASIK, can correct nearsightedness (myopia), wherein the cornea is too steep. Therefore, the correction involves reshaping (flattening) the cornea to properly bend the light for good focus. Cataract surgery can involve an incision in the peripheral cornea. As a result of this, we are intimately acquainted with both proper corneal function, and corneal disease.