Eyeglass Services

At Ophthalmology Associates, we are proud to maintain a state-of-the-art optical dispensary. Staffed by our certified optician, we offer a wide selection of fashionable and functional eyewear, both prescription and nonprescription. Contrary to a commonly held misconception, our prices are in fact extremely competitive, and in many cases, lower than such commonly used, non-medical dispensaries such as the eyeglass chains commonly found in shopping malls.

An outstanding feature of our dispensary is the fact that our ophthalmologists work directly with our opticians. In most cases, the doctor will personally accompany you to the dispensary, and consult with the optician in your presence, to discuss particular needs that you have glasses-wise. For example, some patients may have an unusual eye position, which requires the optician to pay particular attention to the centering of the lens over the pupil. Other patients may require specialized coatings to reduce glare, for occupational needs, for safety reasons, or because in the past the patient had difficulty with one eyeglass feature or another. It is extremely valuable to have the ophthalmologist and the optician working directly together, and nowhere can this be achieved better than with the direct working arrangement we provide in our office.

Several years ago, Consumer Reports did a study of patient satisfaction with their eyeglass makers. They found that by far the highest rate of patient satisfaction occurred when patients utilized optical dispensaries located within their ophthalmologists office. For this reason, and because we feel that our carefully determined prescriptions need the best optical services, we have put a tremendous effort into making our dispensary the best place for our patients to obtain their eyeglasses.

Our dispensary is certified by Medicare to provide durable medical equipment. This means that following cataract surgery, patients can take advantage of a once in a lifetime benefit from Medicare, which will pay much or all of the cost of the new spectacles required after cataract surgery. Similarly, we participate in many vision service and eyeglass insurance plans.

Overall, we are very proud of our optical dispensary, and we feel that it reflects our commitment to providing total eye care, so that our patients experience the very best care in all aspects of their eye health.