Keratoconus refers to a progressive thinning of the cornea, near the center of the cornea. Patients with keratoconus can suffer from high degrees of astigmatism, difficulty with contact lens fitting, intolerance for spectacle correction, and in extreme cases, even perforation of the cornea can occur.

Keratoconus can be a tricky diagnosis. At Ophthalmology Associates, we use corneal topography, an advanced diagnostic procedure (while advanced, however, it is painless and simple to undergo) to provide us with a detailed map of the corneal shape. This allows us to make the diagnosis of keratoconus at an early stage, and also allows us to follow its progression. Furthermore, through the use of sophisticated computer software, we are able to in many cases fit keratoconus patients with special contact lenses to correct their vision quite well for many years. This can postpone surgery, such as corneal transplantation, far longer than patients may have previously been told.

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